Why Wear Gloves Ladies?

Gloves are an essential part of the men’s lacrosse game. They protect from hard checks, are responsible for keeping guys out of the hospital from frostbite in the cold months, and provide significant grip strength. They are also 100% required for play. Gloves are not required for the women’s lacrosse game. This begs the question, why or should women wear them? Many ladies are making the move to gloves for a variety of reasons. One of the most popular choices is the Nike Tocar glove available in a normal and lightweight version and in several colors. The Nike Tocar is lightweight, breathable, and will help your game in the several areas noted below. TocarGloveBlogpic Protection Everyone who has played lacrosse has been accidentally or intentionally checked so hard that your arm or hand feels like it is going to fall off! A vicious check that hurts or breaks a finger can keep you out of the game you love for weeks. For this reason, any player, male or female, old or young, in a game or practice situation, should always wear protective gloves. tocarwhite1_ Warmth Nothing is worse than cold hands on an even colder lacrosse stick! Keeping your hands warm with gloves keeps you warm. Women do not have the benefit of shoulder pads and arm pads to assist in warmth in the cold winter months. With fall ball coming around the corner, gloves will be your saviors on and off the lacrosse field. Grip Every men’s lacrosse player knows how easy it is to get de-sticked without gloves on. The strength in your grip is significantly decreased without gloves. For this reason, many weight lifters utilize gloves for any type of lift that requires grip strength. Although warmth and protection are nice, a woman wearing lacrosse gloves is actually giving herself a performance advantage over those on the field who are not. tocarcb_ A women wearing lacrosse gloves is someone who has made a choice to give themselves the edge. They are better protected from checks, the cold winter months, and adding grip strength they wouldn’t have otherwise. Pick a pair up today at Universal lacrosse.

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