Where Have We Seen Alpha Lately?

Nike’s Alpha series got a recent shout out in Nike’s “Short a Guy” commercial. The Thompson brothers came in during a volleyball scene in full pads to grab a player for their game. The Alpha Elite handle got a quick one second shot shown below. NikeAlphaBlogPic The Alpha U head, Alpha handle, and Alpha Elite handle are three high quality products in a new series of gear that live up to the standards you expect from Nike. alpha_front The Alpha U head is Nike's first head made for defensemen. It is wide, stiff, and durable. It is designed for a high pocket but can be strung effectively any way you like. With enough sidewall holes you can string a great channel suitable for any defensive or even offensive player making this head perfect for either end of the field. alpha_d_blue_ The Alpha shaft has an awesome strength to weight ratio. It also includes a mild sandblast finish that will give you great grip but won’t rip your gloves. alpha_elite_d_red_ The Alpha Elite handle is made with thicker sides to provide even more strength and power. This could prove more useful for defenders but also could be great for a physical offensive player looking to withstand hard slap and body checks. Pick up any of these today at Universal Lacrosse to become a part of this elite brand making a name in the lacrosse market. IT'S ALL U

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