The KING is COMING! Up Close With The NEW Brine King Men's Lacrosse Head

Every year there are a few new products that really catch my attention, and right now the NEW Brine King Men’s Lacrosse Head has got my eyes locked on. Lately, Brine has been posting a bunch of promos on their social media accounts, like Twitter and Instagram, showing some teasers about the King. They’ve giving out some basic info and showed us what it looks like and at first glance it’s pretty impressive.
Today I was able to get my hands on one early to check it out up close and personal. The second my hands touch this beauty I felt like a little kid on Christmas unwrapping his very first bike. The King is pretty stiff but still light. A lot of manufacturers have different techniques to eliminate extra weight while retaining durability, but Brine took it to the next step with this head. If you take a look at the photo below you’ll notice that there is basically no plastic at the throat of the head! Brine completely cut out all the excess plastic that wasn’t really necessary while maintaining a HIGH LEVEL of strength! This not only reduces some weight but makes the King look SICK.
You Can See Straight Through! You Can See Straight Through!
I knew that I just had to string this puppy right away to get a good feel for it. While I was taking care of the sidewall I began to notice that, with out even really trying, a channel was forming basically on it’s own. The way that the Brine King is designed gives any stringer the perfect setup for a beautiful channel. Now you can get a channel in any head if you know what you are doing, BUT the Brine King makes it that much easier. Here are some pics of what I strung up in this beauty.
String Tight, String Clean String Tight, String Clean
A Shooter's DREAM A Shooter's DREAM
So EASY To Get A Nice Channel So EASY To Get A Nice Channel
The NEW Brine King Head is going to be available in both High School and X Specs when it releases on April 1, 2015, and you can reserve yours RIGHT NOW at! Click HERE to head on over to the King PRE-ORDER page to make sure you’ll get yours as soon as it releases! This head is going to get VERY POPULAR VERY FAST so I wouldn’t wait on picking up your own! IT’S ALL U

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