Box Lacrosse - Buffalo, NY

Recently we’ve reached out to some loyal Universal Lacrosse supporters to give us some incite on their Lacrosse experience. My good friend and former roommate/teammate Paul gave us his inside look on his upcoming Box Lacrosse season up in Buffalo, NY. Here’s what he had to say: “I am a former Division 3 lacrosse player that is originally from New Jersey. After college I decided to find a team outside of NJ so I can continue to play lacrosse at a competitive level, just not the usual weekend men's league. I was planning on moving to Buffalo, NY, so I thought that would be a good place to start. I chose to try out for the Buffalo Creek Thunder Senior B Men's Box Lacrosse team that participates in the Cam-Am lacrosse league. This was one of the closest box teams to NJ and it suited my living situation.
Back in the Glory Days Back in the Glory Days
We just recently finished our minicamp, and with all these new faces at the start of the mini-camp it was originally looking like we were having a very good turnout. But I have come to find out that a lot of the new faces are field players trying to play box lacrosse for the first time. As in, they've only played in an old man’s box league where the rules are modified and not many of the box players in it take it seriously. So the new guys are probably thinking they have this in the bag. Don’t get me wrong: I was once in their position so I'm not here to be insulting. But now that tryouts are just around the corner, the true test is among us. We shall see how the field players transition over in to the box game (well at least those of them that last). I’m sure they don’t realize how much padding they need. After the first practice, they will quickly come to terms with the fact that no padding = broken ribs. This being said, first trip after practice will be to Universal Lacrosse to pick up some awesome Under Armour Spectre Kidney Pads. These things are absolutely SICK and all the professional Box players use them. Rib pads are a must in this league as it is high contact. Since crosschecks are legal in Box Lacrosse it’s very important to stay protected while playing.
INSANE Protection and EXTREMELY Comfortable! INSANE Protection and EXTREMELY Comfortable!
All in all I am very excited for our upcoming season and cant wait for it to get under way! -Paul T.” Paul has been a good friend of mine ever since our playing days back in college. The guy’s got DANGLES FOR DAYS. We wish him the best of luck in his upcoming season and know that he will do great! IT’S ALL U

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