The Epoch's Splash into Protective Gear

epoch-lax Over the past couple of weeks, Epoch Lacrosse has been putting out images on their social media platforms in preparation for the release of their first protective equipment products. Their new Integra product line will be comprised of gloves, shoulder pads, and arm pads! epochintegra1The new Integra gloves will utilize their new Phase Change Technology. most gloves just keep your hands cool, but these will keep them warm in the cold weather. Micro crystals embedded into the design melt when its hot and harden when its cold to keep you warm. The palm is made with reinforced suede making it comfortable and very durable. Minimized stitching in the gloves provides a smoother grip and more control. Oh yea, these gloves also incorporate a flexible outer shell made of carbon fiber in key areas of the hand for improved protection. Epoch's new arm pads are setepochintegra2 to be some of the best new pads to hit the market! The integra arm pads will come in various sizes, but all will be manufactured with Epoch's compression molded duel density foam! These beauties are also primed to unveil their new strapping system for a tightened, secured fit. epochintegra3 Epoch has taken the fact that accidents happen into account while designing these shoulder pads. Over the years we've heard stories about cardiac problems arising from players getting hit in the chest from shots. Epoch Lacrosse designed these new pads with player safety at the forefront. These pads will have quick release front protection straps for easy AED access. Incidental contact from shots is inevitable and extremely unfortunate but that's part of the nature of the game. In the event of a cardiac issue on the field, the time taken to carefully remove equipment from a fallen player wastes vital seconds. The quick release straps minimize that time because every second counts. Epoch Lacrosse continues to innovate and excel with their newest line of protective equipment which looks amazing. The entire line of Integra protective equipment will soon be available at your local Universal Lacrosse locations or shop online at Universal Lacrosse.

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