Offseason Lacrosse

For many lacrosse players, your summer leagues are just finishing up or have already finished up recently; and that means one thing... Offseason. The offseason is what will determine how much playing time you will get for the next season, not just in lacrosse, but in any sport. If a player goes out and practices three to four times a week, they'll be exponentially better by the time your school team starts playing. If you want to get better and play more in your next season, here are a couple helpful tips to help you out this offseason:

1.) Wall Ball - The oldest tool in the book. Go out to a wall, bounce back or anything and just have a catch with yourself. You do not need a partner for this, just you and the wall. Although this may seem simple, just throwing and catching will go along way when you start playing.

2.) Shooting drills - Another drill you can do on your own. Make a couple dodges from different angles and practice your aim. Even defenders should practice coming down the field and shooting, you never know, defenders get some open fast break opportunities as well.

3.) 1 vs. 1 - If you can get a teammate/friend to come do one on ones with you, both of you will get a lot better. Most goals are scored on settled offensive possessions where someone has to dodge and beat their man to draw a slide or shoot. If you are that guy that can create the offense, it will go a long way and you will be a stud.

These are just three helpful tips out of countless drills you can work on in the offseason to get better. I am not saying that if you do these drills you will be the next Paul Rabil, but if you work on these skills and get good, you will definitely see a jump in your play.

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