STX's Surprise

stx new1 Here comes STX with another major announcement! They have formally announced a new product drop for Monday, April 24th. Judging by the pictures they post on social media and their website, I can confidently guess that the new product is a lacrosse head. stx new3It wasn't too too long ago that STX released the Hammer 500 and Stallion 700 lacrosse heads; so I am interested to see if this is an entirely new head or an updated variation of a preexisting gem. There is a ton of speculation on social media that the new product is actually an updated version of the Surgeon lacrosse head. It would make sense, plus the "precision" hashtag STX is including on their social media posts could also be a hint because surgeons are precise.... stx new2 Be sure to check out STX's instagram page as well as their site next Monday to see what the surprise is!

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