MLL Jersey Sponsorships

launch jersey sponsor One of the biggest problems with professional lacrosse is without a doubt, funding. The average MLL player makes about $10k-$20k per year. That may seem like a lot, but to put it into perspective, the average football player makes about $1.9 million per year while the average basketball player makes more than $5 million per year. There has been talk among other professional sports leagues about adding promotional advertising to uniforms, much like FIFA and NASCAR already do. This subsidizes some of the cost for each organization which frees up some space to use that money somewhere else in the budget. Major League Lacrosse already pulled the trigger! Next season, the Florida Launch will have "Van Ness Attorneys" logo appear in multiple locations on their Warrior Lacrosse jerseys. From the graphic the Launch released, I personally think its not a bad idea. As long as a sponsoring organization's logo isn't bigger than the team's logo, I'm alright with selling advertisement space on jerseys (as long as there is a limit to prevent players from looking like NASCAR race cars).

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