Maverik's New(ish) Tactick Lacrosse Head

maverik-banner<1>Maverik Lacrosse unveiled their newest lacrosse head not to long ago. The Tactik boats new innovative technology for lacrosse heads, the first of its kind. Engineered for improved hold and ball control, the Tactik is coupled with their Level 3 Bottom Rail design (optimal for a mid pocket). Maverik Lacrosse also included their new X-Rail technology which distributes stress from impact more evenly throughout the head thus making it more durable while keeping it light weight. And on top of all that, the Duratough material used to make the head, maintains the heads structural integrity in the extreme heat (it wont warp too easily). Maverik's Tactik lacrosse head is available in the 6 colors pictured below, and it meets both NFHS/NCAA stick regulations. The light weight yet rugged and durable nature of the stick make it a great choice for all players, beginners or advanced. Stop in and check out Maverik Lacrosse's newest addition at one of your local Universal Lacrosse locations or shop online at Universal Lacrosse. tactik

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