STX's Newest Releases - Stallion 700 and Fortress 600

Image result for stx lacrosse STX Lacrosse has been pretty busy with new releases over the past couple of weeks! STX Fortress 600 10 Degree Strung HeadThe entire women's Fortress series has been revamped! Introducing the STX Fortress 600 10 degree lacrosse head. Like its predecessors, this head utilizes the 10° tech that directs the ball to the sweet spot on your stick every time. STX's iconic c-channel technology improves the already strong strength to weight ratio and the soft scoop angle makes it an aggressive GB machine. In addition to the Fortress 600 head mentioned above, STX women's lacrosse has added their Fortress 600 10 degree shaft. Their most advanced shaft toSTX Fortress 600 10 Degree Women's Lacrosse Shaft date, this beauty is designed for the elite defender in mind. This shaft is produced with upgraded materials to give the player improved feel instead of the same composite material used in all their other complete sticks. STX Fortress 600 Women's Lacrosse Stick Luckily for you, The entire Fortress 600 series comes in a complete setup. Designed for defensive players, the advanced materials used for the shaft along with the trademarked c-channel technology of the head make the Fortress 600 complete stick one of the strongest choices on the market. STX men's lacrosse also got busy over the last couple of weeks with the introduction of their new Stallion 700 lacrosse head. With the new speed scoop shape it is quick and seemingly effortless on GBs. Their new sidewall design strengthens the stick while making it lighter and the patented c-channel technology helps disperse the force generated from impact. STX redesigned the stallion series with the elite offensive player in mind. STX continues to lead the way for new and exciting lacrosse products! The new Stallion 700 and the revamped Fortress 600 series are now available in one of your local Universal Lacrosse locations or shop online at Universal Lacrosse.

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