STX Limited Edition Heads Release

STX is starting off 2016 HOT out of the gate with some awesome new limited edition heads! As always they never cease to impress with these limited edition head packages. This time they decided to roll out 3 brand new styles of 3 classic heads the Surgeon, Stallion and Super Power Plus. Oh, and they decided to throw in some of their brand new premium mesh in limited edition colors with every head. Whats not to love? STX LE Heads pkg So the Surgeon 10 500 has always been a fan favorite for the offensive player. They gave this head a make over with what we would describe a minty fresh color way with an all white head and mint green details, its sure to turn some heads. There is also a ton of technology that goes into making this one of the best offensive heads on the market. For starters it was designed to be the lightest head offered by STX while keeping strength in mind. This heads shape is also great for keeping a reliable channel and solid hold with any string job. Also just incase you needed a little extra performance STX thew in two of there new signature performance mesh pieces, Knot Mesh and Dry Mesh. All around a solid package for any offensive player. STX LE heads As one of the most versatile heads on the market, it was hard to believe the STX Stallion U 550 could get any better. Brand spanking new color way that gives this head a solid tune up. All black with some baby blue details makes for an awesome combo. They threw in some limited edition matching Dry Mesh as well to complete the look. Bottom line this head is going to look great any way you spin it. The real key to this head being such game changer is it's ability to be effective on both sides of the ball. Light body design with integrated C Channel technology, the STX Stallion U 550 is an easy option for any offensive player. On the other side of the spectrum the head does have an effective wide face for defense and is also incredibly strong for dishing out those heavy checks. Another no brainer by STX. And finally one of the most legendary heads ever produced by STX, the Super Power Plus got a little facelift with this release. Holding true to the simplistic beauty of this head, STX went with a classy all white head with subtle red details. This turned out to be the perfect balance to give this classic a newer look but keeping its signature simple look intact. The most pop in this package actually comes from the included new Dry Mesh Lite and Dry mesh pieces in limited edition black with red streaker. Makes for an impressive color way when its all strung up that we loved to see coming from STX. Even though the overall design of this head looks simple it has a ton of awesome design features. Most notably it's design for minimal drag while shooting allowing for faster shots along with flexible shape that allows for increased power and snap when shooting. Overall we were really excited to get our hands on these limited edition heads. Some really cool products to start off the new year and we can only expect more great things this year from STX!

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