StringKing Teasing New 2017 Product?

11248966_620751371398699_1349097782_a This past weekend StringKing has sent a few teasers out on social media to announce the release of the second generation of something which would come out in November... The announcement came in the form of 6 short teaser videos eluding to the release of a new product. But what could this new product be? Well StringKing dropped the biggest clue late last night 10/11. Lacrosse Instagram celebrity and analyst @that_kiwi_guy created a little break down for everyone. screen-shot-2016-10-13-at-9-14-38-am In the 5th video you can see the images of "2, metal, v, 2, mark, 125, a, 2, 145, 2, and 135" flash across the screen... FROM THIS POINT ON, THIS IS ME SPECULATING. I can only assume that this means the announcement of Mark 2 (lacrosse head?), and Metal 2 (lacrosse shaft?). Which would make sense because they would be the second generations of the Mark 1 lacrosse head and the Metal lacrosse shaft. Or they could throw us a curveball and it wont be what we think.. But hypothetically lets say that it does indeed mean the Mark 2 head and Metal 2 shaft. Well.......200_sHonestly, I'm still a little confused with the numbers.. maybe they're prices? Your guess is as good as mine. But the wait is finally (almost) over! The Mark 1 lacrosse head and the Metal lacrosse shaft were solid products which leads me to believe the new releases will be even better. StringKing is definitely heading in the right direction.

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