More Madness from Maverik Lacrosse: Mission BLANK & Union 2017

blankunionMaverik Lacrosse just keeps flooding the market with new products (but I'm not complaining). Their newest additions are the the Mission BLANK and the Union 2017 lacrosse shafts. With the newest trend being crazy colors and eccentric designs, the Mission BLANK strays away from the status quo with this one. They took the time that would have been used for planning aesthetics and put it towards engineering a stick with one mission in mind, peak performance... Looks like one of those plain aluminum sticks you use to pick up at large sporting goods retailers right? Well your right, it does LOOK like one.. but it is far from it. The Mission BLANK is deceivingly advanced.; forged from scandium alloy, the traditional shape adds structural integrity while keeping it light. The adjustable butt end and the BeadBlasted finish both offer better grip for more control. Me personally, I like the plain look. Dress for success, all business. The new Maverik Union 2017 Lacrosse Shaft boasts a meek and modest faded color design. The BeadBlasted finish and adjustable butt end provide more control of the stick and better grip as well. The traditional shape and dynamic wall taper increase the shaft's durability so it can take some punishment (as well as give it). Oh, and Maverik made the executive decision to make this a SciTi (scandium and titanium blend) giving it an optimal strength to weight ratio! Stop in and check out Maverik Lacrosse's newest additions at one of your local Universal Lacrosse locations or shop online at Universal Lacrosse.

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