Sneak Peak of M4 Gloves

Breaking News!!! Maverik's potential new line of gloves the M4 have been spotted at Maverik Showtime. There has been no info released about these new mittens, but I'm sure they're beast! Maverik Showtime is one of the top recruiting camps in the summer hosted at Western Connecticut State University and sponsored by Maverik. At first glance they look super clean just like the M3 gloves. There are some noticeable updates here with styling and most likely protection as well. Just like the original M3 gloves they also look to be super comfortable with a similar palm and thumb for increase dexterity. Overall we are super excited to check these out in person and are very envious of all the showtime players that were able to snag a pair along with the new Cascade S helmet! Stay tuned for more updates on the Maverik M4 Gloves! IMG_5615. IMG_5614. IMG_5613.

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