LE Hero 2.0 4th of July Mesh

East Coast Dyes announced on their snapchat that they will be releasing a new piece of limited edition USA themed Hero 2.0. Around this time of the year, East Coast dyes likes to release a new piece of mesh showing some love for the troops and 'Merica. This time around it look like the piece is going to look like the flag. The left half of the mesh will be a solid blue with red striker lines continuing after that. This mesh won't last long so I would suggest you get your order in for it soon. This stuff is going to be awesome! It will still have the zone tech allowing for tight sidewalls and a looser middle area to get the nice defined channel that everyone is after. The mesh will retail for the same price as all the others, but the quantity will be very limited. If you're looking for a red white and blue themed summer stick, this would be your best bet. It takes the reliability and quality of Hero 2.0 that people love and mixes with with a little bit of flash to create a super sweet piece of mesh. I would expect this to get released to the public about a week before the fourth of July, so keep your eyes out for it! Follow East Coast Dyes and Universal Lacrosse on Snapchat and Instagram for updates and any new info!IMG_2909

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