2017's USA Lacrosse Gear Guide

Breaking News!!! July 4th is coming up and Universal Lacrosse is ready to dominate! This season there has been some fine USA products made by various companies throughout the lacrosse world. True Lacrosse has made their Comp 4.0 Grip Lacrosse Shaft USA theme! The raised constrictor grip on the handle allows you to have a consistent grip on the shaft. True Lacrosse has really gone full American on this shaft! Not only will you play good while using the shaft, but you will look good as well! true shaft Usa The talk of the season so far has been the Hero 2.0 mesh that ECD released earlier this year. Well ECD has ramped up the conversation to a whole new level. They are releasing another color scheme of the Hero 2.0 called USA. This new mesh has all the same features of ECD Hero 2.0 Semi Soft Mesh with a cool design to it. usa mesh The Universal Lacrosse USA chin straps are still dominating the market. The more live lacrosse I see, the more I see these chin straps on the field. Talk about some added swag to your style, the Universal Lacrosse USA chin straps are giving players style points everyday. usa-chin Speaking of style, everyone knows it matters what cleats you wear, and who's better at making sweet cleats than Under Armour, from the original UA Highlight Cleats, to the Maryland UA Highlight Cleats, to now the USA Highlight Cleats. The new Under Armour USA highlight cleats will be running on the turf all summer. ua cleat Since UA made a splash in the lacrosse world this summer season, Nike of course had to splash back, and they have! Nike is releasing custom USA 3/4 Nike Pro Compression Shorts. So when you're down fighting for a faceoff or getting pushed for a ground ball, your legs will remain clean and you'll be repping the U(nited States). To assure you're covered head to toe in red white and blue for the 4th of July, Universal has released position t-shirts. These shirts will let everyone know what position you are dominating and who you're dominating with, the U(nited States). position tee Don't be shy this summer! Swag yourself out with some of the new USA apparel and equipment and always know where U came from.

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