Should You Make The Switch To Composite Shafts?

A BIG trend has been forming in the lacrosse community for the past few years and it's growing every season. A lot of the main equipment manufacturers have been releasing more Composite Lacrosse shafts over the past couple seasons than ever before. There has to be a reason for this increase, right? Yup. There is. And I'm here to tell you 5 reasons why making the switch to a composite shaft just might be a good decision for your game. 5. Grip Composite Shafts don't have a smooth glossy finish like most metal shafts do. Almost all of them have a, what I like to call, Mild Sand Paper feel. This grip gives you just the right amount of texture on the shaft that let you have extra control with out being over whelming. 4. Durability Most composite shafts are made with a carbon-fiber type material that makes them EXTREMELY STRONG. Take the ECD Carbon for example. This composite shaft is very strong. Unlike metal shafts, sticks like the Carbon won't dent or crack on impact. carbon new 4 !!!! 3. Weight The materials used in composite shafts are not only durable but very light! When you look at the weight and strength together, composite shafts break the charts. You just don't see ratios that good in standard metal shafts. Check out the New Gait Project G for one of the lightest shafts made. project G 2. Shape What I like about composite shafts is that they can come in a variety of different shapes. EPOCH is the main source of these kind of things. The Gen 5 F30 for example has 2 different shapes to it. Made with Face-Off Specific upper grip, the F30 allows you to get MAXIMUM torque on the shaft due to the teardrop shape. epoch15_df_gen5_f30_2015_main_ 1. Flex The BIGGEST feature of any composite shaft is the level of Flex that they carry. Most companies provide different levels to help categorize what position the shaft is best suited for. The Flex of these shafts add a little be of "snap" to your shots giving you more speed and accuracy! One draw back to the flex aspect is that its not just a front to back motion.. It can also flex from side to side. I'm sure that the next release of ECD Carbon or maybe even the GEN 6 Dragonflys will help fix this small problem. Composite shafts aren't for everyone BUT a lot of players are picking them up to see what they are all about. I know us here at Universal Lacrosse love them so we think that you will too!

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