New EPOCH Lacrosse Gen 6 Dragonfly

Epoch Lacrosse has been an innovator in Composite Lacrosse shafts since their first release of the EPOCH Dragonfly. With every year more and more research and development has gone into making their shafts some of the best available and this year is no different! gen6f30!! The New Gen 6 Dragonfly features new technology that will help take your game to the next level! EPOCH's New Torque Box technology helps the shaft maintain its shape while maximizing energy transfer to the head during a powerful shot or pass! A conventional composite shaft's integrity can be compromised during the flexing motion resulting in a loss of power. The Torque Box, exclusive to EPOCH Lacrosse, minimizes this with critical changes to the carbon fiber layers. This new tech improves the transfer of energy in the shaft giving you the best performance available. #SCIENCE. gen6c301!! Another new piece of technology in the New EPOCH Lacrosse Gen 6 Dragonflys is the Advanced Carbon Layering (A.C.L.) system. This is a BIG Improvement from previous generations. The A.C.L. varies the lengths of the carbon fiber flags in the shaft. Doing this focuses the strength through the center of the shaft while also reducing weight near the ends! gen 6 c601!!! These new uses of technology are used in ALL of the New Gen 6 Dragonflys and will help you notice a difference in your game no matter what position you play! IT'S ALL U

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