Pros and Cons of the Warrior Warp

Coming soon to Universal Lacrosse is the Warrior Warp. It is a ahead of its time (pun intended) through detailed development and technology that has never been seen before in the lacrosse world. With a built-in pocket, it is constructed of thousands of meticulously designed knitted rows, 2,536 to be exact. With each stitch, it is engineered to be identically duplicated each and every time that adds a certain uniqueness. It has built it shooters, too, to make the ball travel straight down the head. At first glance, it is very weird to look at, but Warrior seems to be pushing the envelope with every other company trailing behind. With it ranging from a low and mid pocket, the Warrior Evo Warp head was available in select retail stores in late February. Universal Lacrosse will be able to sell in-stores and online, unlike other stores soon. IMG_4487 Pros: 1. Game Ready: This pocket does not need to be shaped or broken in because it was specifically made for this unique head. It is molded directly into the Evo Warp head with a 3D knitting process to make the head work in complete unison with the pocket. Also allowing you to never have to adjust your head or pocket again with silly shooters and sidewall. 2. Easily Attaches to Shafts: The head has four plastic fingers on the bottom that make it easy to sit in any shaft receiving end. The shaft can fit perfectly over the fingers and under the plastic to make screwing the head in a breeze. You screw it in the middle of the ball stop, which in returns pulls a piece of plastic up into the fingers to push them wide and secure the head. 3. Weather Resistant: Being made from Kevlar Bonds that are both lightweight and durable (the yellow sidewall that knits the pocket to the head), makes your stick throw with incredible accuracy and precision each and every time you use it with an unbeatable strength, as well. Cons: 1. Ball Lips Off on Top Plastic: Many people are not a fan of this, which makes this point a con. When playing wall ball or are catching and throwing with this stick, the ball will lip off the plastic on the top of the scoop. This is the point, though, to maintain consistency. Once players get the hang of this, this con turns into a strong pro quickly because of the release at the same exact point time after time. 2. Unadjustable: For those who like to form their pocket and head the way they like it with shooters, you are unable to do this with this particular head. It is already set a particular way so there is no changing it unfortunately. It does come in two different pocket sizes, which can help some of the adjusting, but not completely. WARP-WATER-STILL-1 Overall: All around, this stick is the new up and coming thing to be brought to the lacrosse world with several more pros then cons. With the cons, they can be easily fixed over time after you get use to the new technology. Just think, you will never have to buy another piece of mesh, shooter, or sidewall ever again with the Warp. 12751476_1696181003964000_1408329878_n

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