Summer Lax Importance

Many of the young players out there starting to play lacrosse have been told to keep with it after the spring season and to play into the summer season. Anyway to get more exposure to playing and having your stick in your hand makes you a better player no matter what. Even though that camps and summer leagues due cost money, they all pay out in the long run with having more fun, gaining close bonds and friendships that you would have never thought to have made before, and experiences/lessons that players are able to get. As players get older and are starting to play lacrosse in high school, summer tournaments and teams get to be more and more important. They turn into quite a business and hopefully players are still having fun. Most players, women and men, start to quit around this age because the wear and tear on their body gets extreme, they choose not to play because they are not having fun at a high level, and they would rather focus on their studies instead of playing a sport in college. College lacrosse gets more and more intense as the years get on, even at the Division III level so the progression of skills needs to be at an all time high. Only players who truly love the sport will continue on. Summer tournaments are your gateway into college. This is the time for college coaches to come out and see you play if they are not able to come out to your high school games, even better exposure. If you are not doing well there, maybe you shine on your club team. Another thing about summer lax teams, they let you experiment and use new equipment that you unsure about or not allowed to use for your high school. Not to mention being able to break your new fresh cleats like the Nike Huarache V Trophy Pack.

You are allowed to play the way you want so sign us for summer tournament team next summer and do not miss out on all the fun and lessons if you want to be the next Rob Pannell, Paul Rabil, or Alyssa Murray.

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