NJ Lacrosse War at the Shore 2016

241_WATS_Trademark_3_plain Over the weekend we had the opportunity to go down to Brick, NJ and set up shop for the War at the Shore tournament. A few Universal Lacrosse employees played on some teams as well. Tournaments are a great way to see what is becoming popular in the game of lacrosse so we know what to look out for. We see a lot of people and talk to them about new products, whether they have questions about them or there's some cool info that we think someone doesn't know. This is a great way to not only help out customers in making the right purchase, but also is a great way to help the lacrosse community. We get our company name out there for everyone to see and set up an awesome mobile retail store under some tents. This is really rare for a company to set up that big of a storefront for an event. Players and parents are always looking to kill time in between games so what better way than to go browse a lacrosse shop. We had everything from socks, mouthpieces, and cleats to shafts, heads, and mesh. You can always count on that one person who forgot to bring his cleats or mouthguard, and when they do Universal comes to the rescue. We are also there to spread knowledge about the game of lacrosse. We like to educate people on good and bad products and make sure they will be as happy with their purchase as possible.CoukebuWYAAshMs Now for the actual standings for the War at the Shore...Root's Steakhouse took the cake and won the whole thing against team ALS in the Division A group. For Division B, Team Turnip defeated the Stang Gang in the championship.

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