Product Review: STX Duel Lacrosse Head

Screen Shot 2015-10-29 at 3.46.44 PM It has now been just over two weeks since the launch of the STX Duel Lacrosse Head and STX Duel SC Lacrosse Shaft and I think it's time to give this stick a review. When we found out that STX was making a lacrosse head specifically designed for face-offs we found ourselves a little skeptical. Not to discredit the people over at STX or anything, but mainly because it just hasn't been done before. Sure there are plenty of heads that players love for the face-off x, but none of them we actually designed for that kind if battle. The Duel, however, was designed from the ground up with the face-off specialist in mind. duelgrey3_ The most impressive aspect of the Duel, that I found, is its durability. Having a 2 Strut support system in the upper section of the head gives the Duel support and flex right where you need it. This system allows a player to grab the ball extremely easy, even if the opponent already has a majority of control. duelwhite1_ Stringing the Duel was pretty easy thanks to all of the sidewall holes that were placed in just the right spots so the structural integrity wouldn't be compromised. I spoke to our Universal Lacrosse resident face-off specialist after he got his mitts on the new Duel Stick and his reaction was pretty priceless. He told me that he couldn't believe how well the Duel worked and how easily he could pinch and pop the ball in any direction he wanted. duel2_ At first glance, the only drawback to this head that I could think of was it's stiffness. I quickly realized that after a few reps the Duel breaks into perfection. These sticks are flying faster than anything we've seen, so if you're a player that wants to DOMINATE the draw I would definitely pick one up! IT'S ALL U

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