4 Lacrosse Products We Wish Existed

question It seems like everyday there is a new piece of lacrosse equipment added to abundance of options we already have. Innovation in lacrosse means better performance, more protection, and much more. Here are four products many players have been wanting for a while! titanium_attack_ 1. Half titanium/half carbon fiber shaft Carbon fiber and carbon composite shafts came out of nowhere and have been dominating the shaft market. Titanium shafts have been around for a while and are renowned by their durability and strength. I am no shaft engineer and give much credit to the people bringing their technical expertise to create amazing shafts. If someone could come out with a hybrid of these two where it strategically placed the flex we love from carbon fiber and the strength of titanium it could be the best of both worlds. 2. Gloves with no palms I know what you are thinking. Aren’t gloves with no palms illegal? Yeaaaa, however, we all play some form of fall or summer lacrosse where there are no such rules. They also would be great for playing around out of season with that friend that always checks your hands unnecessarily hard. There is a reason so many MLL players cut the palms. There is simply no better feeling than just the stick in your hand. 4 3. Blade OG X The Warrior Blade OG is the best selling faceoff head of all time. Faceoff guys know what they want and swear by their choice of head. When the Blade OG was created in 2001, there was no such thing as a universal or “X” spec. A Blade OG X would make headlines and compete with the new STX Duel head for the most specialized faceoff head on the market. 4. Odor resistant padding Many manufacturers state that certain pieces of gear reduce or eliminate odor. In my experience I have not found one protective pad that will not smell after a tournament and sitting in my bag for a day or a few months. If someone could break out some crazy science and figure this out it would be greatly appreciated by both lacrosse players and the people who live with one. Lacrosse technology will only get lighter, stronger, and better looking in time. We all have seen the old-school lacrosse heads and helmets. They look absurd in comparison to the recent innovations. I can only imagine what lacrosse players will look like in their gear in the years to come. IT'S ALL U

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