Why We Love The Warrior OG Blade

BLADE-@-THE-U If you are a veteran in the sport of lacrosse, or even just starting out, you've most likely heard of the legendary OG Blade. Going down in the books as one of (if not THE) best Face-Off heads out there, the OG Blade used to be a thing of myth due to its cease of production years ago. But once Warrior re-released this awesome head last year legend and myth once again became facts and statistics. I wanted to share with you a few reasons why we here at Universal Lacrosse LOVE the OG Blade so much! warrior-blade-og-lacrosse-head-1 5. Brought Back To Life. The re-release of the OG Blade cause a TORNADO of excitement in the lacrosse community! It's not everyday that you get the chance to pick up one of the most ICONIC heads ever made. Even though there were only a few OG Blades up for grabs, the fact that it came back to life period speaks for itself.
The "Beast" himself rocking the OG Blade! The "Beast" himself rocking the OG Blade!
4. Design The re-birth of the OG Blade caused a few questions at first regarding design and performance. Warrior stayed true to the original specs down to the plastic keeping this head at the same peak of perfection! 3. Performance The legends of the OG Blade hold true with its resurrection. The ability to basically vacuum the ball out of your opponents stick at the X is something that you just have to see to believe. Warrior didn't cut any corners here so you are still getting the same level of greatness as you would years ago. LHS-WAR-BLAW-2 2. Durability With any face-off head you run the risk of breaking and/or warping from the forces used at the X. Sometimes we see a face-off specialist run through 4 heads every two months because they keep breaking. It happens. Heads break under that pressure. My point is that out of all the heads out there used for face-off the OG Blade could handle it best. Sure it would warp but that can be fixed by stuffing a softball in there and get it close to normal. The longevity of this head is what really makes it shine here. 1. DOMINATION I know I might be cheating here since you can argue that this is the same as Performance, BUT when you have a head that can control the face-off as much as the OG Blade can you just have to talk about it twice. In practically any situation this head would destroy the opposition's hopes and dream of winning the draw. With all these positives I can only think of two drawbacks to the OG Blade. Limited Access and HS Specs. When you only release a few of something, everyone wants one. Hopefully Warrior takes advantage of this and brings this beauty back to life once again, bringing me to me next, and final, point. The OG Blade was only available in HS Specs. Meaning that any College play was out of luck if they wanted to add this head to there arsenal. If Warrior does in fact bring the OG Blade back to the tables, hopefully they consider releasing an OG Blade X as well. Just saying here. Whether you have heard about the Blade or not, it will still forever go down as one of the BEST heads ever created. IT'S ALL U

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