NIke Vapor Composite Shaft - New For 2018


Nike is introducing their first carbon composite shaft to the market, the Vapor Composite. Made to compete with the continuously growing infusion of composite shafts, this shaft is an affordable option with some really nice features. The Vapor series is one of Nike's best yet, with some really good products such as the Vapor 2.0 head or the Vapor Elite shaft. The Vapor Composite builds on that success with updated tech and a clean look. M_Nike_Vapor_Composite_Red (1) M_Nike_Vapor_Composite_Royal (1) The Vapor Composite shaft will only be offered in the offensive length making it the perfect ultra light weight option for any offensive player. The flex point and flex level is ideal for getting a great snap on the end of your passes and shots. This shaft has a smooth textured finish, meaning there is a slightly rough surface to the shaft for added grip and control. This allows for maximum control and secure grip any weather condition. As for super clean style, this shaft will come in black, white, red, royal and grey color options. The Vapor Composite shaft offers some of the cleanest style in the game with a simple Nike swoosh and Vapor accent. M_Nike_Vapor_Composite_White (1) M_Nike_Vapor_Composite_Grey (1) Once this shaft hits the market they will be flying off the shelves. With a price point of only $100 for a high quality composite shaft, it's almost too good of a deal to pass up. Nike has been making some awesome new products and the Nike Vapor Composite is the latest and greatest at Nike's best price point!


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