NEW STX Eclipse 2 Lacrosse Goalie Head

After seeing the best selling goalie head have a couple of flaws, STX decided to update the Eclipse 1. Now the NEW, STX Eclipse 2 Lacrosse Goalie Head is ready to pick up where the Eclipse 1 had left off. eclipse front First off, STX added some stiffness to the top of the head by the scoop and also by the throat thanks to the Ergonamic throat design. Now, goalies can stop any shot that is thrown at them at any speed and not have to worry about the head breaking on the spot. Also on the throat, there is added secure grip. To go along with that, the top of the head was redesigned to enhance scooping ground ball performance. This will make it a little easier and comfortable while scooping the ball. Lastly, with updated sidewall geometry and stringing holes, the Eclipse 2 will be able to keep its shape and stiffness throughout the whole game. Added stringing holes will now allow the goalie to customize their stringing pattern any way they want to. eclipse side The Eclipse 2 is available for presale now, and will be shipping out to the customers on July 4th!! Right in time for the holiday. Its been a while since goalies have seen some love, so you have to capitalize and upgrade while you can.

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