2017 Nike Lakota 2

While watching Season 3 Episode 6 of Stylin Strings Youtube channel String League, Nike may have just leaked some valuable information. In this episode Hiana Thompson was going through the contestants of their recent challenge. The challenge was to be as innovative as you can and to string a head up with non-traditional lacrosse equipment. Flywire, laces, leather and textiles were just some of the different tools used to make some of these heads. But the most exciting part was that the winner was going to receive a free Nike Lakota head. While showing the picture of the Lakota, it appeared to be a possible leak of the Lakota 2 head slotted to release 2017. Lets have a look: lakota 2 As you can see right away, the emblem on the front middle is a chrome NIKE piece instead of just having NIKE written on the plastic. Next up, the offset appears to have a slight difference as well as the stringing holes having an angle to allow for a better and easier string job. If this is the case and Nike is teasing us the Lakota 2 head, next lacrosse season can be a great one. The Lakota is already a head that is dominating the field and one of the best sellers. Be sure to keep checking in throughout the summer to get updates and be on the look out.

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