New StringKing Metal Plus Lacrosse Shaft: StringKing Turned ShaftKing?

sklogo!! When you think of StringKing, you think of amazing tutorials on stringing, high quality performance mesh, and other stringing materials. StringKing will continue to provide and innovate in these areas but is extending their lacrosse expertise and attention to detail to the shaft market. On November 6th they will be releasing a brand new line of shafts: StringKing Metal and StringKing Metal Plus. skshaft3! StringKing has been teasing the world with pictures and bits of information on these shafts on Instagram for weeks now, and we know that you want more. There are a few things that we know for sure about them. The StringKing Metal will be the lightest shaft on the market coming in at 130 grams, with the StringKing Metal Plus not far behind at 150 grams. The StringKing Metal and Metal Plus shafts have also been tested, and proven, to have the best dent resistance to weight ratio on any shaft. skscale!!-01 If the unheard of weight of this new line of shafts does not have you fully convinced, there are two other additions to the StringKing line that might sway you. Each shaft comes with StringKing’s original butt end that tapers seamlessly and fits flush. They also give you their original end cap in case that is your preference. The most surprising addition to the lacrosse world from StringKing is their new tape that will likely affect every lacrosse locker room. Anyone who has played lacrosse knows how standard it is for a person to cut his or her tape roll for two different widths. Cut your tape no more because StringKing has done it for you! Eventually you will be able to purchase this tape separately, but for now every StringKing shaft comes with a roll of this game changing tape. skend! When companies start to reach out of their comfort zone it doesn't always end well, but with StringKing Metal and Metal Plus it's only going to be better and better. These new shafts are going to change the game as we know it and we can't wait for you to get your hands on them! IT'S ALL U

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