What's Up Thompson Brothers

By now you know and admire the four Thompson brothers. The way they play has significantly changed the way the game is played. Many of us have added, or at least tried to add, one or several of their brilliant moves to our arsenal. The brothers continue to make headlines and bring more to the game. Representing Iroquois Nationals, the brothers led their team to a second place finish in the World Indoor Lacrosse Championship a few weeks ago. I am sure they will be dominating the world stage for years to come! World Indoor Lacrosse Championship On the national stage, with Lyle Thompson’s recent signing to the Georgia Swarm NLL team, the 4 brothers are the only players Nike have endorsed in the NLL. Lyle was probably pretty happy to keep the chemistry going with his brother Miles, who was drafted to Swarm the year before. Lyle also received his own bobble head in honor of his signing. Lyle Thompson Bobble head You might have heard the Thompson brothers got their first shoe deal. They became a part of the famous Huarache series, and have their own color, “Water Pack”, of the Nike Huarache 5 lacrosse cleat. All six colors are now available for preorder. Huarache 5 cleat With their mission of giving back to the game and their community, the Thompsons recently finished a tour of 5 camps that started in September in their home Onondaga Nation and went all over the country. They went to North Carolina, Texas, Illinois, and finished in Ohio. The Thompson brothers have affected the style of play of every player who picks up a lacrosse stick. They were all pretty much born with a stick in their hand. It is early in their careers and I am excited to see what else they can do for the sport of lacrosse.

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