Lacrosse Face Off Tools

The Fogo - The key to every team's success. The Fogo can completely chance the pace of a game with a few successful face offs. With a position this important to a team, we decided it was just as important to dedicate an entire category to this player. The Fogo is a skilled craftsman of his trade and every craftsmen is only as good as his tools. Screen Shot 2016-03-23 at 3.33.08 PM A face off tool can be any piece of equipment designed specifically to be utilized at the X. These tools are made to give a face off mid-fielder every possible advantage to gain their team possession of the ball. This type of equipment has become more and more popular in the sport with heads being designed by major manufactures like STX and Warrior. It doesn't stop there either, most companies have some type of shaft offering specifically for face off midfielders. Epoch has one of the most desired face off shafts with a custom grip profile that offers serious control during a face off. duel 1-01 Face off mid-fielders even use mesh and string ups specifically for an advantage at the draw. Softer and thinner mesh is becoming more and more sought after by Fogos for its versatile qualities after the face off. Companies like Stringking and East Coast Dyes have produced several quality mesh pieces that cater to Fogo's. So after some Q and A with a couple of Fogo's out of Universal we have put together the ultimate Fogo page. Face Off Tools has ever possible piece of a equipment a Fogo could need. What more could you ask for.

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