New Brine Clutch IV Lacrosse Head

clutch 4 wht 2!! The Brine Clutch has been one of the most popular lacrosse heads since its creation years ago. It was, and still is one of the best heads made for offense. There has been a couple versions of the Brine Clutch over the years, all with new and improved technology but NONE have been as advanced as the latest installment: the Brine Clutch IV. clutch 4 colors The Clutch IV uses NEW Vari-Flex Technology which uses stiffer materials in certain parts of the head allowing it to have controlled flex. This new tech allows the Clutch IV to adapt to multiple playing styles and conditions. The Vari-Flex technology also helps the Brine Clutch IV to keep its stiffness no matter the heat outside! The strength to weight ratio of the Brine Clutch IV is extremely well balanced due to the use of Brine's Core-Tech. The Core-Tech gets rid of excess weight while adding stiffness to important areas of the head, providing more accuracy and control! clutch 4 wht side!!! It's obvious that this head is MADE for offense. Like it's predecessors, the Brine Clutch IV has a great face shape that allow for maximum offensive performance and ball control. Available in White, Black, Navy, Red, Royal, and Silver, the choice is yours for what offensive weapon you want to unleash! COMING SOON TO UNIVERSALLACROSSE.COM IT'S ALL U

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