NEW STX Stallion U 550 Lacrosse Head Pre-Order

Sight for Sore Eyes!! Sight for Sore Eyes!!
When STX released the Stallion lacrosse head a few years ago Midfielders around the world fell in love with it's POWER! Designed with the offensive player in mind the STX Stallion had everything a player needs to dominate the field. The only problem that the original Stallion had, however, was that it had a tendency to break along the back of the throat of the head. STX saw this and quickly went to work! And came back with the NEW STX Stallion U 550!
Back Better Than Ever!! Back Better Than Ever!!
Now the NEW STX Stallion U 550 is here to take the reins! With an updated throat design this head no longer has any durability issues. Carrying enough power to RIP CORNERS and still throw some HEAVY CHECKS the Stallion U 550 is PERFECT for the full filed middie!
Re-engineered Throat for EXTRA STRENGTH Re-engineered Throat for EXTRA STRENGTH
5% lighter than the original HS version the STX Stallion U 550 brings strength and lightweight together for one unstoppable force! Using STX's C-Channel technology any unnecessary weigh has been eliminated without taken away from its strength. Perfect for a higher pocket placement but with enough sidewall holes for any style pocket, the STX Stallion U 550 is a stringers dream! The STX Stallion U 550 doesn't officially come out until September 15, 2015, BUT you can PRE-ORDER yours RIGHT NOW to make sure you get one first! ITS'S ALL U

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