Lacrosse Stringing: Prep Tips

stringlogo Working in the Universal Lacrosse Headquarters we get a lot of heads that need to be strung up which is awesome! We have almost every stringing material in our warehouse so we have plenty of choices to choose from. StringKing, Otter Mesh, East Coast Mesh, Money Mesh, and the classic Dura Hard Mesh are just some of the options. Doing a lot of the custom stringing orders, I have personally gotten my fair share of experience stringing a stick with all of these awesome products. I’ve been able to gather what works with what and how to break the mesh in.
Warrior Evo 4 hs Warrior Evo 4 hs "Maryland Special'' Custom Strung Lacrosse Head
When stringing wit standard hard dura mesh, stretching the mesh apart can be one of the most annoying parts. When the mesh is brand new it basically resembles the texture of a rock and that just won’t do for any pocket. I like to run some warm water to make it a little easier to string. Some people go as far to rub hair conditioner into the mesh before hand. Both work pretty well but we are kind of short on shower supplies here at HQ so I just stick with warm water.
STX Proton Power 2 STX Proton Power 2 "ECD Special'' Custom Strung Lacrosse Head
Once I get the mesh decently wet I start to really crank it apart as hard as I can, and sometimes it can be harder then others. This is probably the main reason why I like using StringKing or ECM. Both of these pieces of mesh are basically already broken in so getting the mesh ready to string isn’t a problem at all. I love the texture and feel StringKing Performance Mesh has and ECM just feels like butter. It helps me save a good amount of time let alone the hassle of getting the mesh stringing worthy. I like too sometimes tape up my fingers up beforehand as well. With this cold weather we’ve been experiencing, that just won’t end (seriously), your hands are already taking a pretty good beating by becoming pretty dry. I string my sidewalls and topstrings as tight as possible to make sure the pocket comes out pretty great and that means I’m pulling on the strings pretty hard which just rips up my fingers. The tape helps absorb the impact of the strings so I can continue on worry free. No matter what materials you decide to string up a new fresh stick with you need to do a little prep game. These are just some of my personal tips that I like to use and hopefully you all can find them helpful. IT’S ALL U

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