Arm Guards VS Arm Pads

On the offensive end of the lacrosse field we mainly see two types of arm protection being used. Attackmen and Midfielders are either using Arm Guards or Arm Pads. These two categories of arm protection both have their lists of pros and cons, and I would like to help the newer players out there know the difference. Most of the time you will see Attackmen wearing Arm Guards. This type of padding usually covers more of the arm and also has some form of hard elbow cap giving more protection. The extra protection comes in handy because the defensemen are always right on your hands throwing some checks.
Protection with Flexibility Protection with Flexibility
The new STX Cell 3 Arm Guards have the great balance of protection and flexibility that best suits any Attackmen. Sometimes Arm Guards may seem a little to stiff because of the extra padding. This can cause some players to opt for an Arm Pad for better maneuverability. Midfielders that like to run by the opposition generally wear Arm Pads. The Arm Pads are made to be more flexible with a little less protection then Arm Guards. They don’t have the hard elbow cap like the guards do. Midfielders tend to wear pads like the Brine King V Arm Pad so they have more freedom to shoot on the run.
Freedom when you Move Freedom when you Move
Both of these forms of padding are great for any offensive player, it just really comes down to the preference of the player himself. Either way they will both keep you protected and let you go hard to the goal. Both the Cell 3 and King V line are available on along with many other brands and models. IT’S ALL U

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