It's the Girls Turn Now


The United Women's Lacrosse League (UWLX) is the first ever professional women's lacrosse league in the world and is happening right here in the United States! Most people in the men's lacrosse world may not know this, but it is growing the game across our nation one step at a time. Women's lacrosse players are thrilled about this idea and love seeing how it turned into reality.

It was launched by the United Women's Sports, LLC in collaboration with the Play It Forward Sport Foundation in Boston, Mass, which is a female fully-owned company for creating opportunities for women of all levels of professional sports because lets be real, how many women high level leagues do we actually see? In its inaugural season, he had a national draft and tryout session to see who would start the first 4 teams of the league in Baltimore, Boston, Long Island and Philadelphia. The players are made-up of all post-college players, as well.

Another really neat thing about this league is that STX fully sponsors it. Each team received the same gear from STX that is specific for their team colors. The gear included uniforms that were sponsored by STX, the stick according to their position, and 4 Sight Forms in their specific color. The sticks included the STX Crux 500 Precision Flex Shaft that pairs perfectly with the Fortress 500 (defender), Exult 500 (midfielder), and Crux 500 (attacker).

The 2016 schedule kicked off on May 28 during the Final Four weekend in PA, but at a different location. The season will last for 10 weeks while also having a championship weekend on July 30 so if you are interested, do not wait and get your tickets now!


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