Make Your Mark on the Draw

Each draw is unique. Each draw is different in the world of women's lacrosse. And the game mostly revolves around who wins it. Most of you men out there reading this probably do not even know what a draw is. It is the women's version of a face-off in the men's lax world. Instead of it being on the ground, it is in the air. So instead of seeing who can pounce on the ball first, each player gets to provide a even weight onto the ball while holding it firmly into place, of course in the first quadrant of both players' sticks. Screen Shot 2016-07-07 at 4.56.36 PMThere are many different ways a draw can happen and the key to a successful draw is to get the ball to either your attacking side or specifically placing the ball into a specific teammates stick and so forth. It is all about the placement which not a lot of people really realize. With that, you can either push or pull the ball, too, while still figuring out what your opposer is doing, too. With everything go through your mind, it's hard to figure out the best option. STX makes this a little easier for those who do this tough job. STX's new and exclusive technology in their Exult 500, allows you to become unbeatable on the draw and makes you think less about one more thing. It is the perfect midfielder/draw head for anyone in this position. With its C-Channel Technology, it provides extra strength and flexibility for checking and ground balls, something that happens a lot in the midfield. More durability, the better. Another cool thing about this head, that is only on the particular head and the Cruxi (the new international head), is that it has a new string lock technology that allows you to set your head and lock it place to prevent and bagging while you are playing, especially in the rain. This means no more illegal sticks. Ever. With its 10° technology, it drives the ball to its sweet spot of the stick for the quickest release possible and amazing ball feel. On the back of the head, which is specific for the draw, there are two extra edges to help get underneath the ball. That helps you pull or push the ball in your favor. With all of this new technology, it will definitely help raise anyone's game while still have the most minimal sidewall height, letting you have the deepest legal pocket possible. Now coming in custom strung colors, you can have the stringing and head you want with the design that you want. 16

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