5 Stringing Fails

Not every stick strung up here at the U is perfect...but they are certainly better than these. We looked for the 5 ugliest, sloppiest, eyesores for stringers and we are going to explain why these aren't something you want to use in a game. #1- Gait Antimatter What a pocket on this guy! Now who would've looked at this and said "WOW this is gunna work PERFECTLY!!" Yeah maybe as a tennis racket but not as a lacrosse head. This Matter has classic hard mesh and a pattern that bunches up the mesh beyond belief. 0/10 IMG_1864 #2- Brine Sanchize You are all familiar with the former Jets superstar Mark Sanchez. You can see the similarities between the two here... Neither can throw! Again the hard mesh seems to prose quite a problem for some stringers out there. 1/10 IMG_1865 #3- Reebok 0k Some ballers like low pockets, we get that. But this? You're better off playing without mesh in your stick. This stringer just doesn't know how to get a pocket in their head by bunching the mesh where they want the pocket. This guy pulled the mesh down so tight the whole way down the head causing whats known as a "bottom string pocket". -1/10 IMG_1866 #4- Gait (doesn't) Matter Back at it again with the Matter. This head seems to attract some awful stringers. If you cant string a mesh pocket what makes you think you can pull off one of the hardest stringing in lacrosse? Simple answer: you can't. 2/10 for effort IMG_1867 #5- Gait Chaos How fitting of a name. This stick is like half baggy half tennis racket. Where there is a pocket, its shallow, but it also stretches the whole length of the head. Maybe this person should just stick with dying heads and leave the stringing to someone else. 3/10 IMG_1863

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