Hot Summer Buys

With yesterday being the first day of summer, some fun in the sun activities have started to get in full swing with families and friends going to the beach, attending summer lax tournaments, etc. There are two essentials to any summer activity in the lacrosse world and that is, eye black and fiddle sticks. Both have been huge buys out on the tournament front from all ages. Eye black, or also known as iSplack, comes in a range of colors to match any individual's style or needs. Like purple, pink, blue, and red, you too can rep your team colors to not only show your team spirit, but to also get that pesky sun out of your eyes. 1_5Fiddle sticks are becoming more and more popular for kids. They are miniature sticks that are awesome for young players, for backyard/beach/park/dorm play, and to just play with in your backyard with friends. What is so great about fiddle sticks is that they are more portable than normal size sticks with the same great play. You can take them anywhere and not have to ruin your game ready sticks. There are even more and more fiddle stick tournaments that are developing for advanced play. Some popular fiddle sticks that are just mini versions of the best selling heads include the Brine Clutch Mini-Stick, Warrior Headstrong Mini Cobra Fiddle Stick, and the Warrior Mini Evo 4. They even come in styles for goalies like the STX Eclipse . The best part is that if you want more than one, they come in sets so you do not have to buy each stick individually. Maverik, Warrior, and STX all have mini fiddle stick sets that come with mini nets, sticks, a goalie stick, balls, and travel bags perfect for tailgates. miniset_ accessories_fiddle_2_3

Don't miss out on your fun and get yours today!

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