Fiber 12 Goalie Mesh: Newest Member To The Throne Fiber Collection

Big news for our boys and gals in the crease, Throne has announced the arrival of the newest Fiber 12 Goalie Mesh. If your unfamiliar with Throne's Fiber mesh then we can fill you in, its awesome. There's some serious though and design that goes into Throne Fiber but today we would like to focus on the newest goalie mesh to hit the market. fiber12_productFiber 12 is the long anticipated goalie mesh to be released by Throne Lacrosse. This is the lightest goalie mesh ever produced weighing only 70 grams making it 17% lighter then the next leading goalie mesh. Lighter mesh can only mean quicker hands and more saves, a feature any goalie can appreciate. Screen Shot 2016-06-23 at 9.35.05 AMIt's weight isn't the only thing that makes Fiber 12 unique from other pieces of goalie mesh. Throne utilized proven technologies from its Fiber system and brought them to goalies. Fiber 12 uses CROSSE WEAVE to create an equally strong and durable mesh that remains light weight. Throne used its new Fiber Material to build this mesh allowing more flex when stopping shots for better rebound control. The Hex 12 Diamond construction engineered into Fiber 12 creates the perfect channel for a goalie head making accurate and consistant passing easier then ever. Screen Shot 2016-06-23 at 9.35.20 AMIt will be interesting to see how goalies take to the new Fiber 12 mesh and test its capabilities. We predict nothing but great things, as Throne's original Fiber released earlier this year and was a huge success. Goalies we HIGHLY recommend you pick up a pice of Throne's Fiber 12 and get your gammer set up right!

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