StringKing Complete Sticks

StringKing is broadening their market outside of the mesh world and recently released 2 new complete stick sets. The StringKing Complete Plus and the StringKing Complete sticks are both a great value for what you get. The Complete Plus stick includes the Mark 1 M head on the Metal Plus shaft and is strung with 3x mesh. This will retail for about 200 dollars. The Complete stick will be the same head but with the StringKing A7150 shaft and will have a mid pocket strung with 2s mesh. This setup will retail for about 100 dollars. These price points are extremely attractive for what you get. stringking-complete-plus-attack-lacrosse-stick-7 I remember when I bought my first "non-beginner" stick I paid about 145 dollars for a Warrior Krytopro Diamond and about 90 dollars for the OG Proton Power. On top of that I needed a stringing which ran me about 25-30 bucks. Already, my first stick cost way more than the higher end StringKing and I am sure that the materials and technology in it were nowhere near the caliber that they are today. stringking-complete-attack-lacrosse-stick-29 StringKing has been a trusted name in lacrosse since hey first started producing their mesh. Until Hero Mesh came out, StringKing mesh was hands down the go-to performance mesh without much competition. They put effort into their quality reassurance and I am sure that this stick is no exception, whether its the 200 dollar setup or the 100 dollar one. And don't worry defensemen, StringKing did not forget about you guys. There is a 60in shaft option for all you out there. SK16MARK1A7150D-main

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