Greasers Becoming a Thing of the Past

On Wednesday, July 27th, US Lacrosse declared their official ball to be the The Pearl by Guardian. Guardian is able to draw on basically 20 years of science and expertise to improve materials used in sports. Their goal is to protect athletes participating in any sport to clearly demand advancements in the field and equipment wise. pearl-official-ballWhat is so specific about this ball is that allows for consistent performance while meeting the same high standards of safety, without the same pain associated with a normal ball. While normal, traditional lacrosse balls are made from a vulcanized rubber filled with oils and plasticizers, that over time has them separate from the rubber, creating a slickness to the surface of the ball... also known as a greaser. The Pearl is made with a more advanced elastomeric material to help the ball keep a more consistent surface texture. With having the same weight and bounce, they also have a 40-percent reduction in the transfer of energy, which makes it safer. For those of you becoming experts in the lacrosse world, this may seem very similar to the ECD Mint lacrosse ball, which is also a premium lacrosse ball by East Coast Dyes designed to retain grip and feel of the ball throughout multiple seasons of play. Both balls have the idea in mind of having no more greasers. Companies are realizing how unsafe these balls are from the wear and tear players put on them. In the future, lacrosse players will see more and more companies create their own version of the non-greasing ball. maxresdefault

The Pearl by Guardian will be used at all US Lacrosse events beginning in 2017, with a portion of its proceeds from each ball sold going to the US Lacrosse Sports, Science, & Safety Committee to aid their efforts in making sports safer with their equipment.

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