The Best One Yet: The EVO Warp NEXT

Warrior Warp Next Complete Now introducing, what Warrior believes to be the next big innovation for lacrosse, the Evo Warp Next Complete Stick. Like the Evo Warp S, the Warp Next includes the iconic Kevlar pocket infused Evo lacrosse head. The concept behind this innovative piece of technology is consistency.Warrior EVO Warp Next Complete Stick Using conventional stinging methods creates uniqueness and individuality among players, and sometimes even randomness. Hear me out real quick... each stick is strung differently, even if by the same stringer. Patterns can be replicated but maybe the sidewalls are tighter on one head than the other, this could potentially cause each stick to throw very differently. So Warrior took out the uncertainty when they introduced the Kevlar pocket! The Warrior Warp Next complete stick is designed so that EVERY stick throws the same, EVERY time. and if you break a stick, you don't need to scramble for a back up. just pick up any Warp Next and you'll be throwing like you were with your regular stick! Priced at (a ridiculously low) $99.99, the Warrior Evo Warp Next is the perfect complete stick for youth players starting their lacrosse careers. Designed for instant use, and constant consistency; Warrior definitely is trying to take 2017 by storm! Keep checking back at for the release of the new Warrior Evo Warp Next, or stop by your nearest Universal Lacrosse location.

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