Evolution of Mouth Protection: SISU

IMG_3583 Last week, SISU became the offical mouthguard of US Lacrosse. For those who don't know, SISU is a relatively new company taking the protective equipment realm by storm! For as long as I can remember, mouthpieces have been these bulky monstrosities that I chew through halfway through the season. At first glance, the SISU mouthguards don't look anything like a mouth piece, but their ingenuity and innovation vow to change the public's perception and image of mouthguards. The SISU starts as a thin strip so it doesn't look like much in the packaging; however, when you place it in warm water it becomes more pliable, then you are able to manually mold it to the top row of your teeth. Once fitted correctly, run it under cold water to allow it to harden into shape. Cool thing is, the SISU is able to be molded over and over again without jeopardizing the guards durability. The concept behind these is comfort; potentially the biggest difference between the SISU and a conventional mouthpiece. You shouldn't need to constantly remove it to breathe, drink, or talk. The ultimate combination of functionality and practicality. The design of the SISU allows you to breathe, drink, and communicate with the mouth piece in! Now that SISU is the offical mouthguard of US Lacrosse, this will hopefully help eliminate concerns about the mouthguards themselves. Humans are creatures of habit, Seeing this thin strip of material calling itself a mouthpiece can seem strange; especially when all you know is big bulky things. The partnership with the overall governing body of everything lacrosse related in the US should help ease some troubled minds. If its good enough for the pros, its good enough for you! (I personally have one, they're great and I'm never going back to a conventional mouthpiece). SISU mouthguards are now available at all Universal Lacrosse locations, or you can conveniently shop at home from UniversalLacrosse.com!

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