StringKing Custom Mark 1 Pockets

StringKing back at it again with the performance pre-strung! Thats right theres more then just the mid pocket option for anyone looking to pick up a Mark 1. StringKing now offers 3 pocket options for Universal Lacrosse customers including Low, Mid, and High pocket options. Something for everyone here and theres no reason not to try it out at an awesome price of just under a hundred bucks. The Mark 1 L (low pocket) is designed for the quick player in mind. This pocket will allow quick and accurate releases all day long ideal for a crease attack man or a feeder. This is because of the low whip created with this pocket, no other pocket will give you a quicker release. The low pocket also creates greater hold for a more vertical cradle creating a close and secure cradle for more elusive moves. custom-mark-1-l-pocket-1 The Mark 1 M (mid pocket) is the head for every position. One of the most versatile and used pockets in the game today. This pocket offers all around performance pulling great attributes from both the low and high pocket. The Mid pocket is great for cradling in any position, horizontally or vertically. This pocket will also give you a good balance of hold and release with more whip then the low pocket but quicker release then a high pocket. custom-mark-1-m-pocket-1 The Mark 1 H (high pocket) will let you hold on to the ball through the toughest checks and run away with ground balls with ease. This pocket was designed for maximum hold for the Mark 1. The ball sits in the pocket closer to the shooting strings creating more control and feel for the ball. This pocket is also great for securing ground balls because of how quickly the ball is secured with a high pocket. custom-mark-1-h-pocket-1 All in all some awesome deals from StringKing, there are also tons of custom shooter set ups for these pockets that you can find here. Check them out if your in the market for an already string game ready head.

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