The Game Changing 2018 Maverik Shaft Line Up!

Maverik has been dialing in their shaft game and the results have been nothing short of amazing. Offering high performance shafts of every variety with the cleanest graphics in the game it's no surprise we see these all over the field at every level.

Top Maverik Shafts For 2018


Artboard 11 The Maverik Hyperlite is up in the elite category when it comes to carbon fiber shafts. With a traditional octagonal shape, the Maverik Hyperlite is light enough to feel like a feather, but strong enough to endure the hardest of slashes. The Maverik Hyperlite also comes in two finishes, matte for a smooth feel, and a gritgrip texture for added feel.


Artboard 10 Maverik's Apollo shaft is the lightest metal shaft they have to offer. The Maverik Apollo comes in the speed shape to deliver maximum shot velocity and is made with a combination of scandium and titanium alloys. A dynamic wall taper to add materials in areas of the shaft that see the most abuse and cut weight in areas that can afford it.


Artboard 3 The Maverik A1 is an offensive weapon. Made in the speed shape the Maverik A1 is incredibly light, but the scandium alloy with a thinner wall thickness provides great strength. The A1 also has a gritgrip finish giving you a taped feel with no added weight.


Artboard 14 The Maverik Wonderboy is a classic. Now 10% lighter than any previous version, the long time favorite is now anodized with new design for reduced weight. The Maverik Wonderboy comes in their signature shape for maximum strength and a matte finish for a natural feel for superior handling and control.


Artboard 3 copy

The Maverik Caliber is their strongest line of shafts to date. Made with Scandium-Titanium, the Caliber is lightweight and strong. This shaft is designed to take a beating as well as dish one out. The Maverik Caliber comes in the signature shape providing optimal strength and a bead blasted finish for added ball control. Comes in short stick and long pole sizes.


Artboard 13 Maverik's Union shaft combines scandium-titanium alloy with dynamic wall taper technology to provide the most optimal strength to weight combination. The Union shaft comes in a traditional shape for the classic feel in your hands and has a bead blasted finish. This allows for a slight grip with added ball control.

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