Brand New Warrior Burn Pro Lacrosse Shaft

Warrior is coming out with a huge Burn line up and part of that is the Burn Pro lacrosse shaft. The Burn Pro was a great shaft for attack man and midfielders last year, and is now getting a renovation to be better then ever and ready to be a top seller. burn-pro- One of the biggest changes comes in with the material. The new shaft is being made with Krpto-Pro material to make it Warrior's lightest shaft in their market. This material also allows for the shaft to be able to withstand check after check as you make your way down the field to rip the corner apart. The Burn Pro is also being made with a new shape. The Speed die shape gives you more of a traditional feel and with Diamond grip, your hand will slide up and down the shaft with ease in any weather condition. These new shapes of the shaft are completely changing the game, some of the grips are extremely beneficial with different parts of the game, so it is important to find the one that you like best. Lastly, the new sleek look allows the shaft to look clean and simple, but still have that little bit of flash to make you look good while playing. Available in black and silver, make sure you pick the color that best suits your head!!


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