Maverik APOLLO 2018 Lacrosse Shaft

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The Maverik Apollo 2018 Lacrosse Shaft is the lightest metal shaft in Maverik's lineup crafted for the elite offensive player. This newest 2018 edition of the Apollo shaft features updated Maverik style and improved lightweight performance. The Speed Shape of the Apollo shaft paired with a new polished finish allows for a natural grip shape for quick transitions and minimum friction. The Adjustable Butt-End (ABE+) has been recreated with a wider base and silicone liner for added stability to the lower hand. The Apollo shaft uses a Dynamic Wall Taper design which adds material and thickness to the areas of the shaft that takes the most abuse during play. Overall, the Apollo shaft is a great option for any offensive player looking for a super lightweight shaft for increased speed and quickness.  

- Maverik's Speed Shape offers a natural quickness for gliding hands along the shaft for quick transitions

- Built with a high strength to weight ratio Scandium-Titanium Alloy for an ideal performance blend. 

- Dynamic Wall Taper targets and adds material to areas of the shaft more likely to see abuse while removing material from areas that don't see much contact. 

- Bead Blasted/Polished Finish allows for decreased friction while transitioning while sustaining control and grip. 

- Updated Adjustable Butt-End offers increased stability for the lower hand.

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