Fresh or Dead

Warrior Lacrosse has been one of the TOP Lacrosse equipment manufacturers for decades. They have always led the charge with advanced technology and the use of well executed research and development. Pushing the boundaries ever year is what lets us, the players, use some of the best lax gear ever made!
7 x MLL All Star Paul Rabil The Man, The Myth, The Legend: Paul Rabil
Recently Warrior announced their next step in evolving the game of lacrosse and have started calling it Fresh or Dead. When I first caught wind of this I was really curios at what exactly they were talking about. After watching their video featuring the living LEGEND, Paul Rabil shoot with a brand new Rabil 2 X and a Rabil 2 X that has been put through a tough MLL season I quickly saw the differences between them and the affects an older head can have on your game!
You can even See the difference with by just LOOKING at the heads You can even See the difference with by just LOOKING at the heads
Fresh or Dead is basically referring to your brand new or used lacrosse head. When you first pick up a new spoon it is in prime condition to rip some corners but after time it’s key strengths begin to diminish. When this happens your heads accuracy will suffer and begin to alter how well you’re able to demolish goalies. In lacrosse ACCURACY KILLS. With out it you're in for a tough time and out of luck. The results that they show in their findings show that any head, over a period of time, will loose its edge and will become inaccurate. Generally, we don't always want to back single companies on why you should buy new gear, but with Fresh or Dead we are finding it hard to disagree. No matter how well you take care of your stick it will still deteriorate over time and you'll have to move on. I know that letting go can be hard but sometimes its for the best.
The results are easy to see The results are easy to see
Warrior has developed a way to test your head to see if its time to make that switch to a freshy or if you can still rock with what you have. The Fresh or Dead Tour is going to allow players to test their own stick themselves to see what their status is.
By replicating the force of a shot, you can find out how ACCURATE you head still is! By replicating the force of a shot, you can find out how ACCURATE you head still is!
I think that this is a great way for everyone to see how much abuse your gear can take after extended periods of time. Out with the old and in with the new isn’t always a great way to look at things but in this situation I am behind it 100%! You can check out Warrior’s video by clicking HERE to see for yourself! All images provided by Warrior Lacrosse IT’S ALL U

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