Hot Lacrosse Shafts

One of the most exciting things about lacrosse gear is when new products come out. Every year we see what people are feeling and what some just don’t like at all. This time around I want to share with you what I think are a few of the HOTTEST shafts are this season!
Awesome shaft in Awesome Colors Awesome shaft in Awesome Colors
First lets talk about the Maverik Wonderboy Plus. This shaft is definitely a sleeper in my opinion. Hiding in the shadows of the new Maverik Union and Xcell, the Wonderboy Plus has a great combination of strength and weight.
It's good to be KING It's good to be KING
Another shaft that has been getting a lot of love lately is the Brine King Magnum. One of the best shafts that Brine has released to this day, the Magnum has great strength but doesn’t weigh you down. One more perk to this shaft is that it just lowered in price! Scoop one of these bad boys up while you still can!
Give your game the edge it needs! Give your game the edge it needs!
I can’t talk about exciting shafts and not mention the Epoch Dragonfly C30 iQ5 Gen. 5 Composite Attack Lacrosse Shaft. This Composite shaft works wonders and breaks barriers. I don’t know if you heard but this shaft helped a player named Zack Dorn break the fastest shot record at 117 MPH.
I’ll let that sink in. 117 miles per freaking hour! That’s just absurd. The flex that the Dragonfly provides gives you more snap on your release when you shoot or throw. Now Zach Dorn might be an exception because he is just an all around beast but if that shaft can help me get a little closer to 117mph than sign me up! IT'S ALL U

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