Don't miscount the Maverik Metrik

The Maverik Metrik head is probably one of the most underrated and forgotten great offensive heads of this season. This head is great for a few different positions: crease attack, LSM or just an overall middie who doesn't take face-offs. Screen Shot 2015-05-05 at 4.06.03 PM This Metrik head is perfect for those aggressive attack players who live for split dodges and crease rolls because it is a great stiff, tight pinch which is sure to keep the ball from popping out. The stiffness on this head also allows attack players to get phenomenal power and amazing accuracy when shooting. Screen Shot 2015-05-05 at 4.07.13 PM If you are a middie or LSM, you will love this head too. The stiffness is great for those aggressive LSM's who want to check hard but keep the ball in their stick when they scoop up the ground ball and run down the field. Middies are always looking for a tough, stiff, durable head that allows they to keep the ball in their stick while running and dodging through the midfield. Did we mention all the amazing stringing options you have because there are 17 stringing holes in the sidewalls? Maverik has certainly stepped their game up with the design of the Metrik and I think we are sure to see some great things coming out from them in the next few years that mimic this great head!

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